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In the current situation we found ourselves in here on this planet, we are burdened with the accoutrements and outer stuff of different religious paths. As we know, all religions began with an individual’s inspiring mystical experiences that he or she sought to pass on to others. Formal practices and conditions were created to help others to access these discoveries too. But the story of our divided world has been shaped often from the ridigity imposed on outer forms rather than the formless inner process. It is not easy for us human beings to resist the urge to codify and organise and institutionalise things we value or wish to expand. In no time at all, what could unite us as one has become another form of differentiation that divides us more and more.

So I want to tell you about an inner heart-focused approach to meditation that I have been following since 1976. I wondered how to tell you about it. It is a practice that emphasises simplicity, naturalness, and a direct connection to the source. But its main appeal is in qualities of subtleness, a kind of invisibility, the only lived experience it can offer is in an attunement to a kind of soundless and beautiful presence within that keeps unfolding. It is perhaps not so easy to ‘sell’ something so intangible to others.

Then it occurred to me suddenly that it could be compared with the approach of Steve Jobs to Apple design. It seems that six principles of design were used by him to give to us these elegant and beautiful transformative tools that have become part of our homes and lives. The principles are craft, empathy and a style that would signify friendliness and simplicity. Lastly focus would be achieved by removing all unnecessary elements. The simplicity needed to be not a kind of alienating futuristic minimalism, but an intuitively grasped simple design obvious to all from has already been understood.

All of these principles would fit with what is being offered in Heartfulness meditation which is a contemporary heart focused system based on Raja Yoga. The unique aspect is what is called ‘transmission’.

 What is this? It is called Pranahuti in Sanskrit, it is the essence of divinity or love. It is a source that everyone can be connected with at any time or any place on the planet. It was known about thousands of years ago and then lost. It was refound by a enlightened man called Lalaji at the turn of the twentieth century. This forceless divine essence is basically a direct experience, something you can feel, something you can feel nourished by each day. It also can work on removing past patternings and impressions called samskaras. It is only the effect of these that stops us directly accessing the inner divine source within our heart.

In Heartfulness, we meditate on the idea that there is a source of divine light already present within our hearts. That is all we do. We focus on our inner source – not as bright white light – but at the most subtle level of thought. We rest our attention on feeling this and wait, like listening for an inner sound. Each day our relation with this source can keep unfolding. So it is an empathic friendly approach to the needs of us human beings living such busy, multi-tasking lives in complex ways. It is just there always to feel and be informed by. Something in us is relieved by feeling more connected with heart and more connected with each other and the world. We can relax and let our hearts’ intelligence show us the way to become more balanced, harmonious, dedicated to service and closer to nature.

This practice has become simpler and is currently being made more accessible and minimal like the ways our phones and computers and tablets have changed. Heartfulness can be practised and supported in the comfort of your own home. You can access an app and receive the benefit of a more concentrated focus of transmission sent by a trainer who links his or her heart with the source and with you for half an hour – whenever you feel it might help or want to start. Beyond that, you can focus on a daily practice that can include meditation in the morningand kind of cleaning, purifying or resetting in the evening to let go of the day. The connection with a trainer helps to undo past patternings.

There are also group meditations and seminars available according to needs and time. It is a practice that encourages us to be involved in the task of living with others, with families, with jobs and all the opportunities to evolve to become human human beings living more in unity from our hearts. About one hundred thousand people are already meditating in this way throughout the world in most countries.

You are welcome to try it out in your own way and at your own pace. Up until now, we needed to help people have about three half hour introductory sessions to link them with the transmission. But at the moment, November 2015, it is offered freely to anyone who might wish to try it at any time or place. It is and always has been free of charge.

So here is a simple invitation to a kind of Apple Mac approach to spirituality, highly crafted to be accessible, simple, natural and effective!! Of course, you can only assess it through your own hands-on experience.

Rosalind Pearmain